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  1. Julieta on November 12th, 2018 8:02 pm

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    Viewers have also given mixed reviews to the protest.
    Studio Ten Jessica Rowe said while it is for women to be finding their voice, the black dress code looked York
    Times reporter Jodi Kantor, whose original article sparked the flood of allegations, said you watch
    tonight, please remember that Harvey Weinstein was a key architect
    of the award show circuit as we know it and he allegedly used the awards
    as instruments of harassment and worse. Twitter user said hypocrisy of Hollywood is mind blowing Another, known as Coleen, said: Streep accessorising with an activist is so pathetic.

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  2. Julissa on November 13th, 2018 1:42 am

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    not cool. 6 points submitted 12 days agoPretty much.
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  3. Nicolas on November 13th, 2018 7:12 am

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  4. Hollis on November 13th, 2018 11:48 am

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  5. Hassan on November 14th, 2018 1:20 am

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  6. Cody on November 14th, 2018 1:43 am

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  7. Leoma on November 14th, 2018 2:09 am

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  8. Irvin on November 14th, 2018 4:08 pm

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  9. Kala on November 15th, 2018 10:37 am

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