Ban InBev products

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Ban InBev products! Yes, we all must take a stand. This is not some redneck rant about being an American and banning foreign products, gimme a break. This is all about corporations ruining time honored family traditions, places and even products that we hold “dear”. This goes for anyone, anywhere and every country. Honestly, a good product will be embraced wherever it is available no matter where it is from. However, how many times have corporations ruined a good thing? Just about every time right? Remember in the ’70’s when Arbys was actually good? Remember when Bob Evans was actually “farm fresh” and actually good? I even remember when the ever so HORRIBLE McDonalds was actually palatable. (Now the trash you throw away from your order outweighs the crap they dare to call food. Let’s not even talk about what they are doing to the environment and animals.) Yeah, let’s pay four dollars for a coffee then complain about not having money or the price of gas being too high. Shut up already. What is becoming of our society. A bunch of whiners and finger pointers. (Remember, when you point a finger, there are three pointing back at you!)


My short rant above will be elaborated upon with some startling stats very soon. I just had to get the basics off my chest. I am currently working 72 to 80 hours a week with 72 miles to get there. B.T.W., I only use one gallon of gas a day in the process. Needless to say, I have already banned all InBev products and places that serve them off of my list of places to spend my money. Kind of limits us to just a few places but, that is a few thousand dollars a year InBev won’t get from us. Still working on the “where to shop for groceries” thing though. I will really push awareness about this issue. My time is the only limiting factor. I will be out of work in January so, look for some sort of major activity on this around then.

I really appreciate how many people care so much about this issue. Although, I am also disgusted about how many people care about nothing. Much of it seems to be sheer stupidity, some of it is just ignorance of fact. Hopefully, we can all help in making everyone a little more aware of what is really important in life. Life itself, our planet, our children and education. How about a 700 billion dollar bailout of our educational system? Enough cash to send every kid in the U.S. to college has been spent in Iraq what, every month or so? Build colleges, educate our children, energy and health solutions may just follow don’t you think? Nah, just eat another burger while driving and talking on your coveted cell phone. I’ll will however, kick in your door when you swerve into my lane.

Busch Gardens for sale?

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If Busch Gardens is for sale, who’s interested?
That is the headline in the Saint Petersburg Times on Thursday, November 20, 2008.
Anheuser-Busch’s theme parks, including Busch Gardens, likely would cost at least $3-billion.
Read the whole article here.

However, everything is still very hush hush.

Thanks to Mark Albright, Saint Petersburg Times Staff Writer

InBev Webcast

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InBev Announces Combination with Anheuser-Busch – Shareholders Meeting Monday, July 14, 2008 – 07:45 AM Eastern Daylight Time Shareholders Meeting . Lots of talk about how wonderful they think they are, how much money they will make and much more expansion in China but, not so much about what WE REALLY CARE ABOUT! Our theme parks, contributions to the environment, research, the employees and all the animals. Typical. Concerning the entertainment entity; “We will communicate that in due course”. I guess all the animals, their caretakers and endangered species research are considered “entertainment”.

There it is folks. Now we have real reason to worry. Anheuser Busch theme park employees are very worried now. So are we. I have talked to several employees at Busch Gardens. There has already been changes and the mood is bleak. I will go into specifics as soon as I can.

Here is the list of products to avoid.
And specifically here are Anheuser Busch Beers InBev will now own.


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